Saturday, August 13, 2016

Melbourne Café

G’Day Mates! Melbourne Café is the coolest little spot to experience some Aussie culture in Montreal. I absolutely loved this place which was located in the Plateau right on St. Laurent. As soon as I entered, I was immediately transported back to my Gap Year in Ballarat, Australia! The café was decorated with a lot of different Aussie items and decorations like posters, vegemite and VB Beer. Café Melbourne has a good amount of bar seating, larger tables and also a patio in the back. There was also WiFI and plenty of outlets for us working people.

I sipped on the most delicious latte, very smooth, deep and rich without being too bitter, while I enjoyed the atmosphere and reminisced on my trip. I also had the cutest  The menu was not very extensive but had all the right (espresso based) coffee options. Filtered coffee is not a thing in Australian cafés. Café Melbourne serves a number of jaffles (pressed sandwiches), baked goods and other pastries which I’ll have to come back and try another time!

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