Saturday, June 4, 2016

Brunch at Buck 15

Buck 15 Espresso Bar is such a trendy little café on Notre Dame! I had a great morning here brunching with my friend J. We absolutely loved the modern and cozy decor inside! There was a giant mural accent wall that caught my eye right away, and lots of beautiful wooden accents and plants everywhere. There was also so much great natural lighting as well which made it fun to take photos of everything!

My cappuccino was delicious, but what really got me was the food! I had the avo-yo toast which was basically a piece of rye bread with avocado, a friend egg, and a mixture of nuts and seeds topped with dill and drizzled with olive oil. J had the ricotta toast topped with fruit! We were just loving our food so much! I'd highly recommend this spot for brunch, but it fills up fast and is not very big!

Update: Unfortunately this cafe is permanently closed now.

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