Tuesday, November 10, 2015

L'Artiste Affamé

This past weekend I went with two other friends to L'Artiste Affamé, my 6th coffee shop out of the 29 cafes listed on my Indie Coffee Passport!

L’Artiste Affame literally translates to the Starving Artist. It’s the cutest little hole in the wall coffee shop located in the Plateau on the quintessential Rue St. Denis. This café is so unique since it has a laundromat attached to the back. It’s tucked away in a basement so you have to be careful not to miss it! The only marking was the cutest little sign indicating the Baunderie (Laundromat) saying “Le Petit Bas Perdu” which means the Missing Sock! How could you not want to go into this coffee shop after seeing that sign?!

Once inside, I felt like I could’ve been hanging out in my friend’s basement. My friend, of course, being a starving artist. There was a huge sectional couch and a TV with video games in one corner. For those who wanted to study or read, the other side was full of table and chairs. It housed students, couples and even a family. Personally, I loved the glazed coffee bean table tops which added such a unique and personal touch. L'Artiste Affamé was a very spacious but also cozy.  

I ordered a cappuccino and I absolutely loved it! The coffee beans are always in rotation at L'Artise Affamé so you never know what you'll get! My only complaint would be that there was not much to snack on and I didn’t feel like ordering a full meal. The owner made it a point to chat with us and he did mention that there was a bakery next door if we felt like getting pastries which I thought was nice.

Overall, this café is a very chill hipster place if you want to study, read, play video games or just hang out. Bonus if you don't have washing machines and want to sip on some delicious coffee while doing your laundry!

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