Friday, May 15, 2015

Afternoon Tea at Birk's Café

One of my favourite meals to have is Afternoon Tea, and I was lucky enough to go to Birk's not long ago with my colleague, Charlotte. The Birk's Café is a small little café / restaurant located inside the Birk's Flagship Store in downtown Montreal. The store itself was gorgeous, with beautiful displays of diamond jewelry, and the café was also very cute but chic, with jewelry box displays in show cases.

The first step of our afternoon tea was to chose which tea we wanted. There was quite a large selection with around 20 teas. I chose a Christmas blend (because why not?) with hints of vanilla and orange zest. Of course I added some milk and sugar after until it was just right!

Next we got our scones. Oh my, these were so warm and fresh and absolutely heavenly! Even though the Devonshire cream was amazing, I barely added any because I just loved how the scones melted in my mouth. The rest of our goodies came out shortly after on a long platter.  We started with finger sandwiches including shrimp and cucumber (my favourite), foie gras with chutney, and lastly salmon with caviar. Next we had a club sandwich with crispy prosciutto. I absolutely love prosciutto, so as you can imagine I was in heaven! To top off our afternoon tea, we had a few different sweets including maple cream and pineapple desserts, macarons (chocolate and blueberry), and hazelnut chocolate.

We ate until our hearts were content, drank more tea than our stomach's could handle and then decided to do a bit of shopping to kick off the weekend. Tea, scones, macarons and shopping...what more could a girl ask for?

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