Saturday, April 11, 2015

Café Oui Mais Non

 I have to admit, one of the main reasons I wanted to visit this cafe was for its name. Café Oui Mais Non...Café Yes But No (in English). How cool does that sound? My colleague, Charlotte, and I decided to take a little adventure after work to find this cafe in the Villeray neighbourhood of Montreal, by metro Jarry.

Café Oui Mais Non was attached to a little General Store (similar to that in Vieux Port) which sold everything from jams and teas to books and handmade dresses. It's the first cafe I have been to that has 2 floors. First, we checked out the basement, and it reminded me of an old cabin or cottage. There were book cases stacked with board games, kid's toys and books (of course). The furniture was all mismatched and there was even a bathtub in the middle of the sitting area - yes very random. It seemed like a secret hideout spot but unfortunately there were no windows so we decided that it would be better for us to sit upstairs.

The upstairs had way better lighting, and windows, so we found a corner to catch up on life and work. I really liked the relaxed vibe at Oui Mais Non. There were a lot of people studying but also a number of people just catching up. I really liked how extensive the tea menu was, and also the fact that they supported and promoted local products.

We both started with a white tea called Champagne Frambroise which had notes of raspberry and saffron in it. We got individual tea pots and the perfect tea timer to make sure we steeped our tea leaves for long enough. After a little while, we decided we needed a bit of caffeine. I got a classic cappuccino and Charlotte got an americano. We both really enjoyed our coffee and the caffeine kick that came with it.

Overall, a great spot to catch up on work or catch up with friends. Merci Café Oui Mais Non!

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