Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dineen Coffee Co.

I had the pleasure of meeting a group of new colleagues (who started at the same time as me) from all across the country this past week in Toronto. What an awesome week of training. eating, drinking and celeb spotting (since it's TIFF)! 

We saw John Travola at our hotel bar one night, he was barely recognizable with his thick beard and baseball cap, but was very gracious and even agreed to take a photo with us! A few of my other colleagues spotted Ethan Hawke and Jean Dujardin around the hotel as well!

We finished off the week with a coffee at Dineen Coffee Co. right by our hotel. I loved the vibe there - live music, high energy and very relaxed atmosphere. The coffee was fantastic, I had a latte (I know, so boring) but it was exactly what I needed after the lack of sleep from the week.

Too bad we didn't see John Travolta or any other celebs at the cafe as well! Maybe next year...

Photo Credit: Instagram

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