Sunday, August 31, 2014

Moulin de Provence

Hello everyone! I'm back again with everyone's favourite blog guest - Alan - writing to you about an amazing bakery in Ottawa. Moulin de Provence is located right in the centre of Ottawa's bustling centre - Byward Market Square. This bakery makes over 200 fresh pastries daily and displays them in cases over 70 feet long. The bakery encourages a sense of community which was apparent in the set up. The open dining area and huge patio was home to everyone from business partners, to couples and families.

We both stopped in here by chance after we got caught in the most intense rain storm. We found refuge here and immediately ordered some coffee - a latte bowl for me and a cappuccino for Alan. When it came to choosing a snack we had a really hard time! Their menu was so extensive and everything looked so good. We must have browsed the cases for a solid 5 minutes before finally deciding to share a mille-feuille, which was absolutely heavenly! 

Moulin de Provence is not only a famous Ottawa landmark, but also hosted US President Obama in February of 2009! The President ordered 1 cookie in the shape of our symbolic maple leaf. That cookie has since been renamed "The Obama Cookie" and is always available. I loved how many signs there were in the bakery referencing this visit!

After a busy day of walking, eating and touring, we relaxed on the beautiful lawns behind the Parliament to watch the sun set. This was my favourite photo of the trip.

Hope you all had an amazing long weekend as well!

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