Sunday, September 29, 2013

Olivier Potier

I must have walked past Olivier Potier on Sherbrooke at least 100 times before finally noticing it. The stretch of this street is filled with restaurants, cafés, museums, galleries and boutiques but this patisserie eventually caught my eye!

The pastry shop looks small from the outside but is quite spacious once you walk in. You immediately find a whole wall covered in delicious looking breads from baguettes to almond croissants. On the opposite wall, find mouth-watering desserts like the classic chocolate éclairs and St. Honorés and Potier’s original creations like his tarte au citron or Snickers Bar.

You will also find various coffees on the menu which pair perfectly with the sweets and pastries in the shop. Potier works with famous chefs like Eric Gonzalez and l’Auberge Saint Gabriel to provide savoury lunch items like sandwiches and salads. In the back of the shop you see a glass wall covered in decals of the store’s logo – a whisk. Here is the “laboratoire des gormandises” or in other words the room where all the magic happens!

I had too many amazing choices but I finally settled on some coffee and an almond croissant and my friend chose a strawberry éclaire, which we enjoyed on the terrace. The shop is located on Sherbrooke near the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in a part of town that makes you feel like you’re in New York City! Olivier Potier is the perfect place to go any time of the day for coffee, croissants and so much more!

Update: Unfortunately this café has closed.

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