Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baked and Wired

Hello everyone! Apologies for my lack of posts over the summer. I forgot how tiring it can be to have a full time job and how tricky it is to find blog-worthy cafés while I’m at home. Boy, am I excited to get back to Montreal soon! The one upside about being home (apart from not having to cook and getting my laundry done for me) is being able to travel. I was fortunate enough to visit Washington, DC for the first time this summer, and found an amazing café with my infamous blog guest – Alan. DC is an amazing city, with lots of greenery and beautiful memorials. I can’t say that it’s comparable to any other city that I’ve been to but that just means I need to travel more! We saw some highlights of the city such as the White House, Washington Memorial, Lincoln Statue, Reflecting Pool, and more. Georgetown is DC’s upscale district with boutiques, restaurants, bars and cafés galore. It was tough deciding where to go but as soon as I saw the lineup spilling out the door I knew Baked and Wired was the place for us.

The café is divided into two sections; a bakery (Baked) and a coffee shop (Wired). They are known for their hand crafted baked goods and people sure didn’t mind waiting in the never-ending lineup to get their hands on some baked goods. I was too hot to wait in the bakery line so we went to the other side of the shop and ordered our coffee. I got an iced mocha and Alan got an iced Americano. Their coffee was delicious and the baristas were friendly and really helpful. To top off our snack we shared a slice of the most amazing banana nut bread that I’ve ever had. They also had a huge selection of freshly steeped iced teas that I vowed to try next time if I ever went back there.

 Baked and Wired is a great spot for any coffee lover and it’s a good place for GW students to go to if they need to leave their university bubble. The lounge atmosphere makes for a relaxed study environment. The neatest part of the small café was their art. There is a collection of napkin-art - some doodles and some serious art work - hand drawn by customers and stuck on up on their wall. If I’m ever lucky enough to go back to DC I would absolutely go back to one-of-a-kind coffee shop. To all of you who live in the DC area, grab a novel, magazine or homework and head over to Baked and Wired for some down time and great coffee.

Coffee and Banana Nut Bread
Napkin Art
Georgetown Waterfront


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