Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lucia Candle Collection

Lucia is the creation of Lucie Vernier and Andre Pace, a husband and wife team based right here in Montreal. Their collection consists of 12 fragrances, which are all numbered. Each fragrance consists of various products such as candles, soaps, room sprays, and reed diffusers. This line was inspired by unforgettable memories of traditions past, and by the clean, sensuous modernity of the future. The latest additions to my candle collection include numbers 9-12 of the Lucia family.

Bourbon Vanilla & White Tea (No. 9) is my favourite candle to keep in the kitchen. Its spicy yet strong scent carries through and warms the entire room within minutes. Damask Rose and Cypress (No.10) is my candle of choice. It sits on my desk while I study because I find the soft, sweet smell of roses very relaxing. This scent is my favourite! Next is a very exotic and alluring scent called Blue Lotus & Sicilian Orange (No.11). I love the sweet scent of this candle. Lastly, the Eucalyptus and Gardenia (No. 12) candle sits in my bathroom. This fragrance reminds me of my many childhood trips to San Diego, where we found eucalyptus trees everywhere.

These organic, soy candles are made from pure essential oils and are made with natural and environmentally safe ingredients. The warm fragrances help transform the ambience of any room – making it more inviting and relaxing. They are great to put in any corner your house, or perfect to give away as birthday or hostess gifts. Find Lucia at Etiket.

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