Saturday, October 13, 2012

Café Castel

When I think of autumn the sound of crunchy leaves, beautifully vibrant colours and studying at cafés all come to mind. As the temperature swiftly drops, I am reminded that snowflakes and bulky winter coats are just around the corner. Unfortunately, this also means that this is time for school to really pick up and for midterm season to begin. Regardless of the chaos and stress of school, it is time to enjoy this perfect weather and my favourite season while it lasts! I’ve decided to explore Café Castel this week and use it as my study spot for this year's midterm season!

I recently tried the Mocha After Eight, and the only way I can describe the drink is by saying it tastes like Christmas in a cup! They add a special twist to a classic mocha by adding After Eight chocolate powder, which brings a minty zing to the drink. My next new adventure at this cafe was trying the Café Olé! Translation: Café au Lait. I thought this drink was going to have a Spanish twist, however I was mistaken. If you don’t have a big sweet tooth I would not recommend this drink as it is just a normal mocha with just a lot of milk and is super sweet! After these two drinks I took a wider step out of my usual coffee bubble and tried the Chai Latté. Oh my goodness this was to die for! I ordered it on a grey, rainy day when I really needed a pick-me-up and some motivation for studying. This latté did the trick! With the perfect balance of cinnamon, spices and sweetness this heavenly drink won first place for my perfect autumn drink.

Over the course of the week I’ve visited Café Castel every single day and have tried so many new drinks! The staff members are starting to recognize me and say "hi" every time I pop in! I feel like I have VIP status now, and I love it! It’s also a huge bonus that Castel is next door to Bronfman - any management student’s home away from home. Apart from the convenient location and delicious drinks, I’d have to say that my favourite part about Café Castel is their coffee art. If I haven’t convinced you to try this place out yet, maybe my photos will. Enjoy!

Mocha After Eight

Left: Café Mocha                        Right: Chai Latté

Mocha Olé

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